Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Miss Alliance/Outstanding Teen Pageant!

After my short visit in North Platte I headed home for to emcee the Miss Alliance/Outstanding Teen Pageant! I had a blast being home for the day and loved getting to spend time with all the contestants.  This of course is where pageantry all started for me.  I was the first Miss Alliance's Outstanding Teen in 2007 and have been a part of the Miss Alliance Pageant for years.  Like many mothers, mine choose to volunteer me to help her each year with the silent auction.  I must say that I began to enjoy watching the girls compete and then hear how they did at the state level.  Its so crazy thinking that now I am in all of this.  

Congratulations to Sarah Summers of Papillion on winning the Outstanding Teen title and a huge congrats to Megan Dimmit of Alliance.  (Megan's mom was my piano teacher for a few years!)

Miss Omaha, Miss Northwest, Miss Alliance, Miss Blue River, Miss Scottsbluff County
I had a great time with the job as emcee as well.  I got to work with my fellow neighbor/brother/friend Jon Marquez...and many of you who know about Jon and I, we've had quite the love/hate relationship!  Jon and I both played trumpet throughout school and lived right across the street from one another.  Needless to say we have had our moments but all in all make quite the pair!

Brooke Ludeman & I

Former Miss Alliance OT Meghan Thalken
I had a great time and a long drive home, but I got to enjoy the view of a whole lemon pie sitting on the seat next to me!  I sure do love my grandma!  

Sorry so short and sweet but I'm on a race to get caught up!

How about a song for a close :)

I'll be writing in the next couple minutes!

Miss Omaha

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